Black Entrepreneurs


Hello Sabef Members,

I would like to introduce to you our newest partnership, one which promises a new outlook on how we view the very fundamentals of business and entrepreneurship. But before our introduction I would like to tell a story.

A couple months ago our organization made contact with a WorldWide Entrepreneur named Kelly Ritchie. His radical views on business and entrepreneurship, were so different, so diverse they seemed to rock the core of basic business ethos. Kelly’s mind worked in ways of universal principles applied to business.


Needless to say we got in constant contact with Kelly, looking to find a way we could establish a relationship where Kellys radical realties were involved in our environment. We approached Kelly in taking a more active role in the Sabef Organization. Kelly confessed that it was one of his dreams to make a difference in South Africa. Together we agreed that Kelly would be involved with our organization as our SABEF Global Patron. Kelly has been to South Africa twice to support SABEF initiatives. One was our Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012 programme last November and secondly he came out this year in March to help launch the Kasi-to-Kasi SME Development Tour that started this April.This initiative is about bringing the best business minds into our townships to empower them with business skills and knowledge.

Kelly’s knowledge, global expertise and passion to empower is something we want everyone to feel and experience through out our SABEF movement.

The question we are now faced with is how can we distribute Kellys message? How can we share his insights,

and knowledge without being everywhere at once?

Kelly offered a solution. Like every entrepreneur he knows ITS ALREADY THERE.


Kelly runs a project called “The Struggledorks”, where John Struggledork (aka Kelly Ritchie), explains his trials and tribulations in business through a website, in the form of Lessons each week. “The Struggledorks” Project is a movement to empower people all over the world, and to build a global forum of business owners who all have the same problems. We’re all Struggling Dorks when it comes to business!

After some communication with John (KellyR), we agreed that we would distribute the message on a weekly basis to our members, and together build a space where any business owner, anywhere in South Africa, or the ENTIRE world, can ask a question about business. AND GET AN ANSWER!

So our esteemed members, we would like to offer the opportunity to be involved with the SABEF – Struggledork movement. Our commitment to you is to send out a weekly Lesson directly from John Struggledork, to answer any questions you might have about your business, to be there for you when you Struggle, and to support you to breakthrough that Struggle.

For us, we hope that YOU get involved in the movement by supporting others with YOUR experience in Business, and giving US feedback on how we can be better for YOU.

Without further ado, I present to you Struggledork. Enjoy!