Black Entrepreneurs



Thank you so much for a wonderful Woman’s Day event I attended in Centurion. I thoroughly enjoyed the program.

Good job ladies!


Dear Sabef Team

I am one of the lucky recipients of a ticket to attend Rich Dad Poor Dad Live.

I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to be in the presence of such inspiring speakers. The seminar, by far, exceeded my expectations.

To be in that huge room surrounded by all those people was motivating- it was my first time being in that sort of environment. The lessons recorded in my handbook will always stick with me.

On a separate note, I would like to thank all of you- all friendly- for bringing new knowledge to us on the Kasi2Kasi tour. I was very disappointed that I was unable to attend Kelly Ritchie at the University of Johannesburg. I always look forward to being there and often visit your website to check for the next one.

Thank you so much Sabef and keep up the good work!


Sibonelo Sbo

It is encouraging to know there People as SABEF committed to uplift our people. We who did this from 1986 wish to reassure you of our encouragement even if no one will thank you for it. Keep it up!

Stan Mabunda,


I like this, I have enjoyed the seminar i’d like to attend more of this please keep on updating me with other seminars because I want to be an entrepreneur this is an eye opener.

Norman Mazibuko